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Due to drastic price structure changes by the current registrar, we are offering an alternative registrar.

New Site/Registrar:

Old Site/Registrar:

About the Change

We strive to offer a competitive service at a competitive price. Our current registrar has changed its pricing structure, which would adversly affect you. In response, you have three options which are outlined below. Ideally, we would like everyone to transfer their domains to the new website and registrar.

Use our Old Registrar

The old site will still be maintained; however, the pricing will be affected by the old registrars new pricing strucutre (we will pass on the increase at cost).
Old Site:

Transfer to our New Registrar

We have negotiated with a new registar and have a new website to serve your needs. We have been able to negotiate lower rates and have passed on the savings to you.
Go to and TRANSFER your domain.

Transfer to a Different Company

It would be unfortunate to lose you as a client. We do thank you for your continued loyalty and support!

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